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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why has every windmill two doors?
A: Because the blades are always facing the wind, and the directions of the wind varies, the blades might be running in front of the door, which is a dangerous situation. To avoid people getting themselves killed by the blades every windmill has two doors on opposite sides of the windmill.

Q: Why has a windmill the chimney in the middle of the windmill?
A: First of all the top floor of the windmill is rotating with the blades and the tail of the mill and therefore a chimney can't be attached to the roof.
The second reason is that the sparks of the open fire that is used to heat the windmill might set the thatch of the roof on fire.

Q: Why has the chimney two endings?
A: Because the chimney of a windmill is horizontal in stead of vertical the smoke would be blown down if there was only one ending. And the second ending creates a natural draft through the chimney pulling the smoke out.

Q: Who owns and pays for the windmills
A: Nowadays a special division of the government the united water boards of the Alblasserwaard en Vijfherenlanden is responsible for the Kinderdijk windmills

Q: Can you rent a windmill?
A: Sure, after your certification as miller and being on top of the list and approval of the water board but don't be in a hurry because this will give you hart problems.

Q: Can a windmill pump water and do grinding to?
A: No every windmill can only have one function. All the power generated from the wind is used to move the water or do the grinding. The grinding stones will cause so much friction that there will be no energy left to drive the scoopwheel around.

Q: What kind of windmills are there in the world?
A: Watermills, which drain the land like in Kinderdijk. Grindingmills, which gring flower, but also colors to dye fabrics. Sawing mill, who cut the wood. And the modern two or three blade electricitywindmills.
There are also many different shapes and constructions for example winmdills in the old cities were built on a house, so they would reach over the buildings of the city.

Q: What would the miller do if there was a hole in the sale When there would be a hole in the sail, it would be patched, if there were another hole another patch and so one. Until there are more patches than sail, now the sail is replaced by a new. But the old sail would be used for making clothes for the children!



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